• sam. Mai 25th, 2024



Sep 5, 2021
The day has come. We already have a new long-term support version of the Canonical system: in a few moments we can install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa, a launch that, in addition to including its novelties, continues the work that began 6 months ago with the arrival of Ioan Ermin. For example, it includes GNOME 3.36, which continues the performance improvements introduced in GNOME 3.34, and includes full support for ZFS as root, something that came to Ubuntu 19.10, but with some limitations.

On the other hand, as in every new release, the moment was also used to update the kernel of the operating system, which now uses Linux 5.4. It's not a huge improvement if we consider that Eoan Ermine uses Linux 5.3, but Canonical usually stays in LTS versions of the kernel in LTS versions, and that's exactly what Focal Fossa is. Below you have a file list of the highlights that came with this release.