• mar. Mai 30th, 2023


Emerging projects are new or rapidly growing initiatives that aim to achieve a specific goal or solve a particular problem. These projects may be driven by technological advancements, changing market trends, or evolving customer needs. Emerging projects can encompass various domains, such as business, science, healthcare, education, and social impact. They often involve innovative and experimental approaches that require careful planning, research, and execution. Emerging projects may face several challenges, including funding, competition, scalability, and regulatory compliance. However, they also offer significant opportunities for growth, impact, and differentiation in the marketplace. Successful emerging projects often rely on a combination of creativity, resourcefulness, and adaptability to achieve their objectives.


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MINI COMPACT DESALINATION STATION SEA WATER The water resource is limited, fragile and threatened, the problems of drought, extreme aridity and intense exploitation are accentuated in many regions of the…

learning space

The idea of this project aims to complete an electronic application with an educational and other orientation segment, which will make it easier for future students to pass the exams…


the "Afiati" application that addresses the problem of the lack of a communication network between the patient, the doctor and the pharmacy


شرح بالفيديو حول كيفية استخدام التطبيق